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Mental Health: Let's Talk About It

Mental Health is a challenge in our society today and at large, it is very much obvious but still a lot of individuals find it difficult being open about and even wanting to discuss about it, why is this the case well for one it may be because of the stereotype always attached to ones admission of suffering from some sort of mental health issue: and by this I mean the ‘oh he's one of the crazy people' kind of statement that goes around in hush tones. Over the years while having open minded discussions with some of my friends who are very honest and sincere with their psychological state, I have been privileged to have first hand knowledge about the issue. Ever since then,the topic has been of massive interest to me personally because of its scope and severity especially in my country Nigeria where as much as 1.5million individuals are thought to be affected by some mental illness or the other every year, the most common being Bipolar also called manic depression.


According to Wikipedia bipolar disorder is a disorder associated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs. The symptoms requires a medical diagnosi manic episodes may include symptoms such as high energy, reduced need for sleep and loss of touch with reality. Depressive episodes may include symptoms such as low energy, low motivation and loss of interest in daily activities. Mood episodes last days to months at a time and mayInterfere with one's daily normal activities.

Individuals Affected with bipolar disorder may experience the following emotions

1.MOOD:- mood swings, sadness, elevated mood, anger, anxiety, apathy, apprehension, euphoria, general discontent, guilt, hopelessness, loss of interest, or loss of interest or pleasure in activities.

2.BEHAVIORAL:- irritability, risk-taking behaviours, disorganised behaviour, aggression, agitation, crying, excess desire for sex, hyperactivity, impulsivity, restlessness, or self-harm.

3.COGNITIVE:- unwanted thoughts, delusion, lack of concentration, racing thoughts, slowness in activity, or false belief of superiority.

4.PSYCHOLOGICAL:- depression, manic episode, agitated depression, or paranoia

5.SLEEP:- difficulty falling asleep or excess sleepiness.

6.WEIGHT:- weight gain or weight loss
Also common: fatigue or rapid and frenzied speaking.

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Beyonce Graces Vogue September Issue

On Monday Vogue Magazine released the cover of their September 018 issue featuring none other than the Lemonade Queen Beyonce. .

She sat down with the Mag to discuss Her Body, Her Life & Her Heritage. .She told the Mag that after the birth of her first child BlueIvy Carter she believed in the things society said about how her body should look and that made her to put pressure on herself to loose the baby weight in three months and then scheduled a small tour so that she would actually do it and Looking back that was crazy. .Beyonce added that she was still breastfeeding when she performed the revels show in Atlantic City in the year 2012. After the twins she approached things differently. . .

Beyonce added that she was 218pounds when she gave birth to Sir & Rumi carter and was swolen from toxemia hence the need for bed rest for over a month. .due to her health and the health of her babies she had to undergo an emergency caesarian section. .

Beyonce also went further to give detailed description of how having a caesarian section felt;-
     “we spent many weeks in the NICU .My husband was a soldier and such a strong support system for me. I am proud to have been a witness to his strength and evolution as a man, best friend, and a father. I was in survival mode and did not grasp it all until nine months later. Today I have such a connection to any parent that has been through such an experience. After the C-section, my core felt different. It had been major surgery. Some of your organs are shifted temporarily, and in some cases removed temporarily during delivery. I am not sure everyone understands that. I needed time to heal, to recover. During my recovery I gave myself self love and self care, and I embraced being curvier. I accepted what my body wanted to be. After six months I started preparing for Coachella. I became vegan temporarily, gave up coffee, alcohol, and all fruit drinks. But I was patient with myself and enjoyed my Fuller curves. My kids and husband did too"

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Encouraging Others & Yourself

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Vibes Shade & Life

What is the definition of vibe?? Basically if you look it up on the internet, one of the probable search result will be:
“a person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others."

whoof! now that's a very good description of what vibe is all about. . and I for one am all in for the best vibe out there. . i mean how else do we get to resonate our aura & inner chi to the rest of the world. .Vibes has come a long way to basically earning its keep and spot as some sort of pop culture phenomenon and that you've definitely got to agree with me on,of course I beg of you to differ.

Now let us get down to the relationship between vibe. .shade and Life!!!!        But before then i just want to literally y'ell (whoot-whoot) why you may ask? Well I don't know about you but who else is definitely feeling the shot above!? Never mind: well I sure am and trust me when I say that it takes a lot of energy to portray what I call the “shade" attitude in a random shot. .

The whole details of the shot is intriguing(I must confess): from the blurred background, to the hair, the sun shades and ugh the angle. . You know most of us have little or no stress at all portraying and tapping into our positive vibe with an ounce of shade(and I am obviously envious) . .and by “shade" I don't mean being rude or nothing like that, but instead resonating an attitude that says and speaks positivity. .carefreeness. .spontaneity. .and warmness. .

I mean with all this qualities all in one,you bet that Life is going to be Less Complicated. .More Fun Filled. .Much More intriguing. .Definitely Vibrant and Hey Filled with Positive Vibes and I guess those are the qualities for one to qualify as a “Positive Viber". .

Special Thanks/Photo credit: to my foremost fiery picture savvy brother Raphael Odey who is always amazing and super Fab in all that he does.🙌💯👊

Tips to great hair in the tropics

Hey there Dear Reader and welcome to todays blogpost. .its a usual desire that is very much obvioous,we all fancy and adore great hair when we see one and we all dream of having/rocking a beautiful ,dark, healthy and full hair. .

And so basically this is what today's blog post is all about, maintaining and growing a dark healthy long hair most especially in the tropics where the sun can get so hot to as much as 30°C on some days. .

I have been doing a lot of research online and on the ground(& on my hair) and I have put together a list of must do's that'll definitely lead to positive feasible results over time. .
It is also worth noting that we all reacts to certain remedies and products out there and so the right mixture of the necessary proven blends and knowledge works for all of us differently. .

So let's get down to business shall we??
First of: I'd like to quickly list down the qualities of good hair. .

Good Quality Hair has the following characteristics:

Has Minimal Shedding.
Has a very smooth soft texture.
Hair Responds Well To Moisture.
Hair Scalp Is Free Of Dandruff.
Hair has Minimal Breakage.
Hair Locks Are Shiny.
Hair Has Elasticity.

All those characteristics are a major recipe to a healthy enviable hair and now my top tips to actually seeing such results include:

1. The Use of Olive Oil:- olive oil is a powerful emollient and this adds shine, bulk,and resilience to your hair. .with all those qualities it'll be hard and unwise to ignore or leave olive oil out of our hair. .

Tips:- Massage warm olive oil gently into your scalp for a few minutes. Cover your hair with a shower cap and allow the olive oil to soak in for 30 to 45 minutes. .Finally, shampoo your hair and rinse off.  For great results use this hair care treatment twice a week to enjoy a healthy and beautiful hair.

2. The use of Avocado Pear:-Trust me this works,whether it is the fruit, seed or its oil, avocado should be a part of your beauty care regimen(it works great for nail,skin & hair breakage/damage). The many beauty uses of avocado cannot be overlooked. .

Tips:- Make a hair mask with 1 mashed ripe avocado and 1 tablespoon each of olive oil and yogurt. Apply the mask on your damp hair. Put on a shower cap on for at least an hour, then rinse the mask out with lukewarm water. Use this hair mask once a week for amazing results. . You can also massage avocado oil into your scalp once or twice a week for some lustrous hair.

3.Green Tea:- Green tea is known to havr many beauty benefits. The high quality antioxidants in green tea prevents harmful free radical damage that contributes to hair breakage or damage.

Tips:-Simply drinking green tea 2 or 3 times a day will help you to enjoy beautiful hair(skin and nails). Also you can brew 3 to 4 cups of green tea, depending upon the length of your hair,allow the tea to cool, then pour the tea on your damp hair and allow it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and dry off. Use this remedy 2 or 3 times a week for better results.

 4.Lemons:-Lemons are rich in vitamin C(an antioxidant that combats free-radical damage that can lead to aging and hair breakage). Lemons are even known to boost collagen production, which restores Hair/Skin elasticity to help maintain a smooth and vibrant appearance..

Tips:- Squeeze the juice of 2 lemons to 1 cup of water. After shampooing your hair, rinse your hair with this solution. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse your hair with plain water. Use this remedy once or twice a week.

5. Coconut Oil:-Coconut oil contains many nutritional properties that support the health of your hair, skin as well as nails.. A study published 2004 on dermatitis reports that coconut oil is as effective and safe as mineral oil when used as a moisturizer. It shows significant improvement in repairing and reversing hair damage and breakage.

Tips:- Massage warm coconut oil into your scalp before going to bed. The next day, shampoo your hair as usual and air dry. Do this hair regime 2 to 3 times a week.   

There you have it guy's. . those are my top five go to tips that worked wonders for my hair and I am certain you are going to get amazing results too. .

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Dear Diary: its me again and I've got something to tell you

                                             JANUARY 3RD ‘018

Hello Dear Diary Good day and Happy New year. .so first of all I had an amazing 2017 and for that I am really Grateful to God Almighty for preserving us all. .and Yeap you've got that right I sure am religious. .I mean what else would I rather believe in?? Yoga?? Of cos not,I get this unexplainable joy and inner peace anytime I talk to the Lord and I know he is always listening. .

You may ask how I know this?? Trust me I do. .
Anyways I am basically looking forward to a greater & fun filled new year. .i really want to do away with my “stuck up bitchy sorta image"(i guess it always gives some certain folks the wrong impression about me and the persona i am trying to portray). .

In other news Dear diary, I made a couple of new friends before the year ran out and as much as I would love to keep everything on a down low social wise,I will have no other choice than to be a little bit more open and expressive . .

Dear diary my inferiority complex and body insecurities seem to be making a rather ugly comeback, I have tried dieting and working out but I can't just seem to get the right Hourglass figure frame. .I have even cut down on my daily ration and sticking strictly to vegetables and proteins but the pounds do not seem to be any more lesser than when I started,even though it has just being only two weeks. .

Ughh!!! I am craving for some Mac & Cheese right now. . oh well: I cannot but stay positive, I mean look at the bright side the school semester is about to begin and obviously it is that time of the year again for the hustle and bustle of academic Life ( that's bound to help me out in cutting down the weight ). .

I need to start making my lists and flight arrangements though. . Dear Diary I am fervently praying that I get a slot in the schools scholarship hostel because I cannot just deal staying with Aunty Funke anymore: I do not enjoy the Air of Awkwardness at all and at this point in my Life I need some basic level of freedom and privacy. .

Come to think of It I do not think the Aunty tag is befitting for Funke. .in actual terms she is just my paternal first cousin (only that she is middle aged and still living the loose spinster life. .I'll be sure to drop more details on that later on, if only the rest of the extended family knew what Funke does and the men she brings around claiming to be business associates.

As much I really try to mind my business and turf, sometimes it is a little bit difficult especially when this her so called business associates start looking & talking to me funny in her absence. ..

Oh well.  So Dear diary I guess that's it for now   .Ahaa!! And Lest I forget i think i am finally in the friendzone with  jerome ( And Yeap: it is that same guy I have been tripping over and cyberstalking silently online. .) trust me He is very Nice and open minded. 

I think he may just have a thing for me though. .I wouldn't know for sure just yet,you know how this boys are. 

Anyways: I just thought that I should also mention that. .Although I am a little bit scared that my crush may grow into something unhealthy and I really don't want that. .

Thank You For Listening and Allowing me to write to you Dear Diary. .


                                                   BECCA ‘LAPO

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I was forced to endure a Mass invasion of my privacy-Mrs.Toyin Saraki

Hey Guys it seems the aftermath of the whole Nigerian National Assembly Drama yesterday is only just beginning to broil and we expect it to be the case for a while as new details start trickling in from some major key players. .

Still on that note,the Wife of the Senate President Mrs.Toyin Saraki 53, who is also a Healthcare philanthropsit and the founder-President of Wellbeing-Foundation Africa made a tweet in order to dispel the claims made by the Nigerian Police PRO DSP Jimon Moshood on Channels Television and the sunrise daily and also addressed the offa bank robbery case which took place in kwara state on the 5th of April in which the debate president has been caused of being complicit and connected with.

The post Made by the Wife of the senate president has since gotten over 431Likes and 602Retweets as at the time of this post. .

 See more screenshots of Mrs.Toyin Sarakis Tweets Below:-

Photo Source:-ToyinSaraki/Twitter

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Dear Diary: its me again and I've got something to tell you


Dear journal GoodEvening. .its me yet again “Becca Dolapo" of late I have being finding it a little bit difficult to document whats going on in my Life in this book of plain pages: I have even tried updating previous entries in my old journal, but it has proven to be a little bit difficult, but all good eventually it is going to happen and I hope my rather odd relationship with you works out for the better. .Well I will try and be brief with the latest happenings:

For one Dear diary I think I am in Love with someone. .I do not even know where to start with all the details of how I feel but I know with time the words are going to come out much more freely. .I am not one to just have a massive crush on another,but trust me he is different . .I Literally get major goose bumps and cold shivers down my spine by just the thought of him. .I need to be with this guy I say to myself. .but yet I am not able to muster enough strength or courage to approach and express my feelings to him. .

Lol the funniest thing is that I have never met him in person. You can as well classify it as one of those silly “online blood rush". .damn you Facebook why did you have to suggest him as a friend?? Ugh!! Ever since glancing at his profile and posts, the rest has being nothing short of Feeling's. .

Dear Diary what is wrong with me though?? I mean how can I start Lusting after someone from just a social media page for crying out loud.  Am I not supposed to be looking out for certain Personality trait's and the rest of that compatibility criterias. .

I absolutely have no idea. .but who knows it may just work out. .but not to worry dear diary I am not going to text him first. .at least for now I doubt if he is in any relationship as his “relationship status online" is currently: “single" . .phew! That' was a relief and also whilst scanning through his uploads I didn't come across any photo of Him with a girl of the sort. .that's a score for now I guess. .
So maybe just maybe I have a chance. .

Dear Diary don't think I don't want to text him first or nothing like that. .it's just that I don't want to seem or come across as desperate even though right now I am(well kind of). .I really want to get to know him. .screw that: I want to kiss him already. .Alright: “i am so desperate" jeez. .who is this guy that got me all up on cyberstalking. .

Anyways I can't let that cloud my mind right now. .I've got other things to worry about. .

Oh and Dear Diary I have been thinking a lot lately, I would really love to tone down my social media presence and all that. .I can't just deal no more on the crap and baggage that's going on. . .my mental state right now isn't in a position to even start processing no drama. So the plan is to stay far away from it as possible at least for the time being. .

So Dear Diary I have missed doing this with you and Hopefully this is like the start of a fresh new chapter and you know a journey towards Positivity, Pure joy, Happiness and Love.

Thank You for Literally Listening. .I feel much better already and can't wait to fill you in on whatever goes down with my new “Online Crush". .and other daily stuffs.


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Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott grace GQ August cover

American singer,songwriter and rapper Jacques Berman Webster II known professionally as travis scott 26, and Forbes SelfMade billionaire Beauty Mogul BabyMama and Television Personality kylie jenner 21, grace the August Cover of Gentlemen Quarterly GQ for short. .

The Mag uploaded some preview shots onto their Instagram page with the caption:-

  “A billionaire business mogul & the most electric rapper in the game. How do @kyliejenner & @travisscott  they make it work?"

Nothing but some major couple goals y'all. .

Photo Source: GQ/KylieJenner/Instagram

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Billionaire Femi Otedola Hangs Out with BasketMouth

Nigerian Billionaire businessman, entrepreneur philanthropist, and chairman of Forte Oil PLC femi Otedola 52, took to Instagram to share a photo of him hanging out with Popular multi talented Nigerian comedian and actor Basketmouth at the comedians home. .with the caption:-
“catching a laugh with @basketmouth at his home 👍 ...f.Ote💲"

Just wondering who the “joke" was on tho. .

BBN 2018 Runner Up CeeC bags endorsement deal

Big Brother Naija 2018 runner up CeeC real name Cynthia Nwadiora 25,bags new endorsement deal as Ambassador of Numatville Tourism Megacity. .

Details suggests that the reality Tv star also gets extra perks including a complimentary plot of land worth millions of naira at Nollywood Quarters of MegaCity. .

Congratulations Ms.CeeC

Photo Source:ceec_official/Instagram. Jodelamedia/Instagram

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Laura ikeji declares political aspirations

Online personality ,blogger and younger sister of celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji, Laura Ikeji declares political ambition and potential eye catching net-worth . .

The Best Selling Author of “How To Make Money On Instagram" is looking super chic and lovely in a vintage yellow jumpsuit even as she captioned the Shot uploaded on Instagram with:-

“Future Female President. Soon to be a billionaire by God's grace, wife n mom of 3."

Way to go Laura .we're definitely feeling your vibe and bright style

Photo Source:Lauraikeji/Instagram

Munchy Monday

Munchy Monday

Hello thank you for linking up to my blog. .I get so estactic every single time i know someone out there values what i write. .

So here is the deal I was in a slight dilemma as to what to post for the blogs munchy monday series . .pondering over this while reporting for my internship and bored out of my wits,a thought hit me. .

Chicken!!! Virtually everybody loves chicken but we love to munch on it differently. .moist,crunchy, soft and grilled. .

So here are my guides to getting the right crunchy fried chicken. . if that's how you roll of course. .

What you Need:-
1. Some chicken parts(Breast.. Drums or Wings)
2.Spice: Coriander.. Thyme.. Herbs.. Garlic.. Ginger.. Salt.. Cayenne pepper & Seasoning
4.White Onion

What to do:-
1. In a bowl put in your desired chicken parts. .slice in your onion bulb

2.Put in Coriander.. Thyme.. Herbs.. Garlic.. Ginger.. Salt.. Cayenne pepper & Seasoning to taste

3.Using a spatula mix in the chicken and spices added

4. Steam chicken and allow to cook for 20mi utes until tender

5.Heat some scoops of low cholesterol butter in a non stick fry pan

6.When butter melts: place in each chicken part and fry until its golden brown

7.Place in a drain

8.Allow to cool and your crunchy fried chicken is ready to be munched. .i personally enjoy placing some hot sauce on my fried chicken with some juicy salad . .

Yum-Yum. .so that's basically my eight simple steps towards preparing some yummy crunchy chicken and I hope you won't mind trying it out some time

Thank you once again for Linking Up.. .
Means a Lot

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Romantic Birthday Message By Nigeria's VicePresident

Nigerias Vice-President Prof.Yemi proves that he is still a Helpless romantic as he celebrates his wife of 29years Mrs.Oludolapo Osinbajo born july 15 1967 ,with a sweet birthday message which he tweeted:-

    “I found a girl, beautiful and sweet many years ago. I got to know you and you became Queen of my heart.

You are my past, my present and my future. You complete me!

You are as beautiful as the day I met you.

Happy Birthday Oludolapo, your heart is my home."

Happy Birthday Mrs.Oludolapo Osinbajo

Photo Source: Prof.YemiOsinbajo/Twitter

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Bobrisky allegedly dumps Five Men

Bobrisky Update y'all:-

Internet Celebrity and self proclaimed African Barbie Bobrisky real name Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju 25,has spilled yet another juicy deets for us to round up the weekend with. .

Bobrisky took to his Instagram page wearing a rather beautiful floral dress and captioned it:-

“I have some 5 men I'm done with them pls if you want their contact I can send them to u. U might try ur luck.lately they have been complaining that dey are broke 😂😂😂😂😂.I'm sorry boy I can't chill with broke ass". .

Are you guys thinking what we all have been all along!?? .

Well I am sure you guys are. .As some trollers came for the African Barbie with one gram user commenting:-

“That's your problem oo, just come out and say I am gay already nq". .

But Bob had nothing but Love for the troll as he responded:-

“that shouldn't be ur problem love💕".

Photo Credit:-Bobrisky/Instagram

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Bobrisky Flaunts new asset

Sundays Sandwich y'all:-

Self proclaimed African Barbie and cross dresser Bobrisky real name: Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju 26,is most definitely flaunting his newly developed assets whilst looking chic with new hair debut. . set to whip up another sleek hair do by Wednesday. .

Who else is noticing the new “Chest Area"!??
Whoa!!!! Bobo risk Sure is going overboard

Photo Source: Bobrisky/Instagram

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Bobrisky and Tonto Dikeh Hangout

Aww!! Check out this Lovely photos of Popular Nollywood  actress and TV personality Tonto dikeh and internet personality bobrisky hanging out together . .

It's no new news that the actress has been very supportive and loving towards the crossdresser and Snapchat savvy African Barbie (so called)

Both personalities looked super cute in black.. .with bobrisky looking all the more different and almost unrecognizable standing side by side Ms.Tontolet... The Beautiful Actress captioned the photos “Love you so much Bob " to which he replied “I love you more". .

Looking good guys
We can't but just sit and admire this new found friendship. .

Photo Source: Tontolet/Instagram

Mental Health: Let's Talk About It

Mental Health is a challenge in our society today and at large, it is very much obvious but still a lot of individuals find it difficult ...