Alpha Post

Hello Guy's: My Name is Odey Thomas,tommy for short if you like. .I am a student & aspiring model and blogger and at that obviously you must have figured out that my role model's will be the likes of Perez Hilton,Linda Ikeji,Uche Pedro & a whole List of others. .(these are just basically the top three). .I Have so much passion for journalism(talk-talk), pop culture & the internet online community in general

I know blogging has come a long way and I would really love to be part of it as it has come to play a major role in shaping journalism & pop-culture not only in Nigeria but Africa as a whole. .

This is officially my Alpha-Post & I really don't know how to go about it, but I guess it is going to take a while towards being an ace blogger & building a community. .

I am basically going to be blogging about the following in no particular order for now until I am certain the direction I want my blog page to go: the following are issues I have utmost passion for & at that I love keeping up to date with. .

A.Celebrity Gossip (Hey we all Love our celeb updates don't we?? Winks)

B.Food(Odies Foodie Column by Chef Odie:my alter ego.. Keep abreast with the latest food hacks & easy to go food preps)

C.Lifestyle Column(I will be bringing the Latest Gist & Whats Hot in Lifestyle News)

D.Trends. .Business. .Beauty & Fashion

& Lots More. . .

You may be wondering what will set my blog apart from your everyday retro blog. .

well here it is: my blog is going to be very personal & social media oriented with a touch cliché: & by that I mean there is going to be a reason to every post &  each post will feature in a discussive format:where we all can come in to share our own thoughts & opinions and I feel through that approach we all can come to know each other better. .

Wow: I know this is going to be an amazing journey. .Lets see where this will take us in the next six months yeah!??(Thats the testrun timeline for this blog page & it will determine its future independence & by that I mean finally purchasing a custom domain)..