Bobrisky reveals he makes N600,000 Monthly

- Nigerian self-proclaimed bleaching expert, Bobrisky, recently reveals the amount of his earnings on a weekly basis

- According to the famous cross-dresser, he makes about N600,000 every week

- This means selling bleaching cream which he has claimed to be his major business brings him a lot of fortune

For someone who makes over N28 million annually, Bobrisky is a self-acclaimed millionaire. In a recent interview, the bleaching cream expert revealed that his businesses bring him nothing less than N600,000 on a weekly basis.
Asides selling bleaching cream, the famous cross-dresser has often proclaimed his love for a mystery man known as 'bae' who provides him with financial assistance. This will mean Bob makes a ton of money from also being a sugar baby.

Speaking to Broadway TV recently he said: "Bobrisky is a brand. I own a brand, money, fame and I think I have more confidence in me. I make over N600,000 to N700,000 on a weekly basis." Although he didn't state categorically the source of the funds, anyone can guess it's either from his cream business, bae or social media advertising. All the same, the young aspiring transgender is rich.

Bleaching cream expert, Bobrisky reveals he makes over N600,000 to N700,000 every week.

Interestingly, Bobrisky also shared his progress so far as regards his "chest" growth. Apparently, the cross-dresser is desirous of growing certain feminine physical attributes. He confessed to taking pills in hope of growing some boobies.

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Source:Instagram: Bobrisky