Homeless man returns a wallet containing $2,000 cash back to a man who dropped it and then spends his reward getting food for other homeless people

A social experiment carried out by saw a man(Waqas Shah) intentionally dropping his wallet with $2,000 cash in it and a homeless man found it and returned it.
The homeless man further surprised everyone by using his reward to buy food for other homeless people.

Waqas Shah conducted a social experiment around New York's Union Square where a number of homeless people often reside. Shah is seen on camera deliberately dropping his wallet right in front of a homeless man.

Seconds later, the homeless man called Jay, yells after Shah telling him he dropped something & calls after Shah saying: “Whoa Buddy" to let him know he dropped his wallet

Impressed, Shah asks Jay, “Are you homeless?" And Jay nods.

“You gave the money back to me!" Shah says in surprise. . .“Giving back is what you do. I don't steal," Jay replies.

Shah then says: “Just because you gave it back to me I'll give you a gift..

He gave Jay some money, adding: “You're a great person. Thank you for giving it back to me."

After this, cameras continued to secretly film Jay to see what he does next. Jay surprised everyone further as he heads to a nearby food cart to buy three meals, which he then distributes to other homeless people in the area.

Shah tracks the man down for a final time to ask him about his incredible acts of generosity to which Jay responds simply: “Giving back is the thing to do. The more you give the more you get."
Jay then adds in tears: “I have a wife that's pregnant. Every day I cry and pray that everything will turn out fine...being out on the streets its very very hard."

Shah then says to him: “I love that you're spreading love. Just because you're amazing. I will give you something in return."

Shah ended up giving him more money to thank him for being kind.

The video of Shah and Jay has gone viral with over a million views across various social media platforms..

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