Mariah carey quietly sells Mega Diamond Engagement ring from James Packer

Mariah Carey has sold her 35 Carat Engagement ring from former fiancé James Packer gave her two years ago. .

The mega diamond was reportedly worth $10million dollars & was part of the financial settlement reached & agreed upon with her ex. .

Speaking her Publicist said:- “Mariah has been very vocal recently about her choice to move forward her Life surrounded by positivity that involves leaving emotional & material baggage behind,including an old engagement ring from an ex boyfriend". .

A source said:- the singer had one of her business managers quietly hawk the ring to a Los Angeles jeweler,a confidentiality agreement was reached ,but the jeweler is currently selling it,there is only one such ring

The Singers public relations team is desperately trying hard to keep the sale from the press & is threatening the jeweler with Litigation if otherwise becomes the case and he discloses her name..