Dear Diary: its me again and I've got something to tell you


Dear journal GoodEvening. .its me yet again “Becca Dolapo" of late I have being finding it a little bit difficult to document whats going on in my Life in this book of plain pages: I have even tried updating previous entries in my old journal, but it has proven to be a little bit difficult, but all good eventually it is going to happen and I hope my rather odd relationship with you works out for the better. .Well I will try and be brief with the latest happenings:

For one Dear diary I think I am in Love with someone. .I do not even know where to start with all the details of how I feel but I know with time the words are going to come out much more freely. .I am not one to just have a massive crush on another,but trust me he is different . .I Literally get major goose bumps and cold shivers down my spine by just the thought of him. .I need to be with this guy I say to myself. .but yet I am not able to muster enough strength or courage to approach and express my feelings to him. .

Lol the funniest thing is that I have never met him in person. You can as well classify it as one of those silly “online blood rush". .damn you Facebook why did you have to suggest him as a friend?? Ugh!! Ever since glancing at his profile and posts, the rest has being nothing short of Feeling's. .

Dear Diary what is wrong with me though?? I mean how can I start Lusting after someone from just a social media page for crying out loud.  Am I not supposed to be looking out for certain Personality trait's and the rest of that compatibility criterias. .

I absolutely have no idea. .but who knows it may just work out. .but not to worry dear diary I am not going to text him first. .at least for now I doubt if he is in any relationship as his “relationship status online" is currently: “single" . .phew! That' was a relief and also whilst scanning through his uploads I didn't come across any photo of Him with a girl of the sort. .that's a score for now I guess. .
So maybe just maybe I have a chance. .

Dear Diary don't think I don't want to text him first or nothing like that. .it's just that I don't want to seem or come across as desperate even though right now I am(well kind of). .I really want to get to know him. .screw that: I want to kiss him already. .Alright: “i am so desperate" jeez. .who is this guy that got me all up on cyberstalking. .

Anyways I can't let that cloud my mind right now. .I've got other things to worry about. .

Oh and Dear Diary I have been thinking a lot lately, I would really love to tone down my social media presence and all that. .I can't just deal no more on the crap and baggage that's going on. . .my mental state right now isn't in a position to even start processing no drama. So the plan is to stay far away from it as possible at least for the time being. .

So Dear Diary I have missed doing this with you and Hopefully this is like the start of a fresh new chapter and you know a journey towards Positivity, Pure joy, Happiness and Love.

Thank You for Literally Listening. .I feel much better already and can't wait to fill you in on whatever goes down with my new “Online Crush". .and other daily stuffs.


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Cheers: odeebaba.💜