Munchy Monday

Munchy Monday

Hello thank you for linking up to my blog. .I get so estactic every single time i know someone out there values what i write. .

So here is the deal I was in a slight dilemma as to what to post for the blogs munchy monday series . .pondering over this while reporting for my internship and bored out of my wits,a thought hit me. .

Chicken!!! Virtually everybody loves chicken but we love to munch on it differently. .moist,crunchy, soft and grilled. .

So here are my guides to getting the right crunchy fried chicken. . if that's how you roll of course. .

What you Need:-
1. Some chicken parts(Breast.. Drums or Wings)
2.Spice: Coriander.. Thyme.. Herbs.. Garlic.. Ginger.. Salt.. Cayenne pepper & Seasoning
4.White Onion

What to do:-
1. In a bowl put in your desired chicken parts. .slice in your onion bulb

2.Put in Coriander.. Thyme.. Herbs.. Garlic.. Ginger.. Salt.. Cayenne pepper & Seasoning to taste

3.Using a spatula mix in the chicken and spices added

4. Steam chicken and allow to cook for 20mi utes until tender

5.Heat some scoops of low cholesterol butter in a non stick fry pan

6.When butter melts: place in each chicken part and fry until its golden brown

7.Place in a drain

8.Allow to cool and your crunchy fried chicken is ready to be munched. .i personally enjoy placing some hot sauce on my fried chicken with some juicy salad . .

Yum-Yum. .so that's basically my eight simple steps towards preparing some yummy crunchy chicken and I hope you won't mind trying it out some time

Thank you once again for Linking Up.. .
Means a Lot

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