Vibes Shade & Life

What is the definition of vibe?? Basically if you look it up on the internet, one of the probable search result will be:
“a person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others."

whoof! now that's a very good description of what vibe is all about. . and I for one am all in for the best vibe out there. . i mean how else do we get to resonate our aura & inner chi to the rest of the world. .Vibes has come a long way to basically earning its keep and spot as some sort of pop culture phenomenon and that you've definitely got to agree with me on,of course I beg of you to differ.

Now let us get down to the relationship between vibe. .shade and Life!!!!        But before then i just want to literally y'ell (whoot-whoot) why you may ask? Well I don't know about you but who else is definitely feeling the shot above!? Never mind: well I sure am and trust me when I say that it takes a lot of energy to portray what I call the “shade" attitude in a random shot. .

The whole details of the shot is intriguing(I must confess): from the blurred background, to the hair, the sun shades and ugh the angle. . You know most of us have little or no stress at all portraying and tapping into our positive vibe with an ounce of shade(and I am obviously envious) . .and by “shade" I don't mean being rude or nothing like that, but instead resonating an attitude that says and speaks positivity. .carefreeness. .spontaneity. .and warmness. .

I mean with all this qualities all in one,you bet that Life is going to be Less Complicated. .More Fun Filled. .Much More intriguing. .Definitely Vibrant and Hey Filled with Positive Vibes and I guess those are the qualities for one to qualify as a “Positive Viber". .

Special Thanks/Photo credit: to my foremost fiery picture savvy brother Raphael Odey who is always amazing and super Fab in all that he does.🙌💯👊