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Paris Hilton be giving us major Love Vibes. .(Now: Thats HOT!!!)

Paris Hilton just tweeted a sweet message alongside a photo of she & Her Heartthrob: Chris Zylka and they seem to still be going on real strong and we roomies are just caught Up in their sweet sweet Hot Love!!!

‘I don't shake homosexuals like you' - Denrele narrates encounter with a homophobe

EccentricTV personality:Denrele went down memory lane to share an unfortunate encounter he had with a homophobe at a night club in Lagos State.
Read his insightful piece below. . .

“I DON'T SHAKE HOMOSEXUALS LIKE YOU".... And with that answer, he flicked his wrist and shoved me off!
Right after this picture was taken at the Glam Africa cocktail party in V/I, my friends and I decided to Club-trot for a crazy nite out. So we hit 3 clubs before deciding to round up our club trotting at Hard Rock Cafe. We got there, got the best seats in the zone and wham bam, I was already on the speakers dancing the nite away!
An industry (married) friend of mine who wasn't too comfty with my crazy clique asked to leave. My usual courteous self decided to walk her to her Uber. Mistake of the century! We got outside and she sighted a familiar face. This familiar face was with five of his friends. My usual courteous self joined her, shook hands all around, cracked a couple of jokes with the guys and walked her to her car.

Heading back into the club, my usual courteous self walked up to the guys to greet them again. I noticed a new face this time and he had a girl on his lap. I hailed him first and stretched out my hand for a handshake and he retorted loudly, “I DON'T SHAKE HOMOSEXUALS LIKE YOU." As the renowned spin doctor that I am, I laughed it off and said, “No wahala. Madam will do the greeting for all of us".
And the girl on his lap got up, hugged me and I immediately turned to leave. What happened next was like a scene outta an LGBTQ documentary. This guy raced up to me & held my stare at the entrance to the club screamin out expletives;
I stood calmly watching him, with my champagne flute in my hand whilst he was screaming in my face.
And everyone stood watching without saying a word. His friends finally dragged him to the parking lot but he was still cursing! Someone ran in & called all my friends. Long story cut short, I got a cal that morning from high ranking officials with info about this guy plus his house addy in Texas.. .

How would you have handled this roomies!!?

Online Personality “Gold Savage" Celebrates Birthday in Grand Style

Online Facebook Personality & Model Gold Savage is celebrating his birthday today & is giving us major fashion vibes with his photoshoot. .

Happy Birthday Gold Savage. .
Wishing you the very best in Life!!
We cannot wait to turn up & have some cake

(See more photo's Below):-

Thirsty Thursday

Hey guys its Thursday yet again & I am sure all of you can relate with the absolutely draining buzzling & sizzling prep towards the weekends

And of course with all the runarounds comes the need for food. .

And sometimes we are just in the need of something fast,quick & healthy (most times😉). .

And now I present to you. .one of the fast junky foods out there & hey we are going to be giving tips on how best it can be made healthy. .

Yeap you guessed right: “Noodles"!!!! Yum!!! . .Now we all have our own preference when it comes to how best we enjoy our noodles & here are the steps to mine...

“WHAT YOU NEED":- A pack of noodles. .some chopped up veggies(carrots & greens)..Olive-Oil..boiled egg(or more)..Onion(you can never go wrong with these)..Fresh pepper(chilli red & green)..Seasoning(Garlic.Ginger.Cinnamon.thyme & salt to taste)..canned corn...


*put in a cup of distilled water into a medium sized pot. .                                                
*add some drop's of olive oil into the water,place on heat & leave to boil. .                  
*once your water is boiling put in your noodle & leave to cook until its medium rare..                     *put in your seasoning (to taste)- I personally love to go overboard with the cinnamon & garlic & a Lil pinch of salt. .          
*mix it in with the noodle & leave to simmer. .       *check the water level to see if it will be enough to cook the noodles to the right texture of your choice.. (I personally love my noodle a little bit moist: so into the pot I add some drops of olive oil & water). .                    
 *turn off the heat & put in your veggies to taste of preference (veggies do not need the extra heat) the steam from the noodle should be just fine to soften them up whilst retaining their juicy crispy nature. .                  
 *dish out & serve with any drink or extra serving(such as you name it. .                                                        
 *and you are good to go. .yummy instant noodles in a jiffy. .

Phew!!! And we didnt have to break a sweat on that. lol. .that wasn't so difficult was it?? 

And there you have it. .A Healthy Fast Food for your delightful pleasure & your body will sure be glad you had some. .

Thank you so very much guys for taking out time to read today's blog post. .my next post will be next week & we're going to be tackling:“THE SURE WAYS OF FRYING YOUR CHICKEN". .I do hope you all enjoyed this. .

PS: I Love hearing from you all. .do drop a comment on how best you enjoy your noodles & I will be sure to try it out sometime. .Have a Pleasant week ahead!!!

                    Chef Odie!!

J.Cole Interviews Lil Pump In His Recording Studio In North Carolina

LilPump took a trip all the way to North Carolina to join JCole in his recording studio he calls TheSheltuh. In the interview that’s a little under an hour, both J.Cole and Lil Pump address their recent internet “beef” and speak about their initial impressions of each other.

In the sit down J.Cole admits to Lil Pump’s face that he wasn’t sure if he was smart, but then later states he now knows Lil Pump is smarter than what people perceive him to be, saying:

“After watching your videos, I was like this kid is smart. I wasn’t sure at first. But after watching more of your videos, I was like he knows more than what people think he does.”
It’s no secret on J.Cole’s song #1985 takes aim at new rappers who are taking advantage of their trendiness and not thinking about their legacy. Many fans thought his song was a direct shot at #LilPump, a topic that was also addressed in the interview. You’d be surprised to hear some of Pump’s reactions to J.Cole’s questions.

Stephanie Linus Dazzles in yellow

Yesterday the lovely nollywood actress Stephanie Linus attended the screening of her movie “Dry” in Ghana and wore this stunning yellow outfit .Really love her total ensemble!!!

(See photos below). . .
Source: Stephanie Linus/Instagram

Bobrisky reveals he makes N600,000 Monthly

- Nigerian self-proclaimed bleaching expert, Bobrisky, recently reveals the amount of his earnings on a weekly basis

- According to the famous cross-dresser, he makes about N600,000 every week

- This means selling bleaching cream which he has claimed to be his major business brings him a lot of fortune

For someone who makes over N28 million annually, Bobrisky is a self-acclaimed millionaire. In a recent interview, the bleaching cream expert revealed that his businesses bring him nothing less than N600,000 on a weekly basis.
Asides selling bleaching cream, the famous cross-dresser has often proclaimed his love for a mystery man known as 'bae' who provides him with financial assistance. This will mean Bob makes a ton of money from also being a sugar baby.

Speaking to Broadway TV recently he said: "Bobrisky is a brand. I own a brand, money, fame and I think I have more confidence in me. I make over N600,000 to N700,000 on a weekly basis." Although he didn't state categorically the source of the funds, anyone can guess it's either from his cream business, bae or social media advertising. All the same, the young aspiring transgender is rich.

Bleaching cream expert, Bobrisky reveals he makes over N600,000 to N700,000 every week.

Interestingly, Bobrisky also shared his progress so far as regards his "chest" growth. Apparently, the cross-dresser is desirous of growing certain feminine physical attributes. He confessed to taking pills in hope of growing some boobies.

(See photo's below):
Source:Instagram: Bobrisky

Mental Health: Let's Talk About It

Mental Health is a challenge in our society today and at large, it is very much obvious but still a lot of individuals find it difficult ...